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Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
scoring 30 or more points in consecutive games, lebron james has a way to go to set that mark. wilt chamberlain did it for 65 consecutive games. >> 30 points and shot 60% or better. >> most of those shots were -- >> that is freakishly amazing. >> stay with us. >> rain starts tomorrow afternoon. snow tomorrow night. gone by thursday morning. flurries and snow showers again over the weekend. a couple of inches tomorrow night. i think it will be gone by thursday morning. >> kind of an overnight snow. >> yeah. >> we will let you know how. the how >> thank you for joining us and. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- charles barkley, bob fisher, the world's fastest
Feb 17, 2013 9:39am EST
basketball player out of philadelphia still in high school, wilt chamberlain came to work for us as a bell hop. >> they call him built the stilt. playing against top college stars in competition he's been averaging better than 30 points per game. >> reporter: of course red auerbach made the new bell hop the new star of the kutsher's basketball team. >> remember the name, wilt chamberlain. >> reporter: they love to talk about history in the catskills but when the children and the grandchildren of the borscht belt's best customers discovered jet travel and florida and europe the catskills didn't seem so attractive. >> people's habits as to how they vacation changed. ♪ forget about the future, be here now ♪ >> reporter: nowadays, the place survives with the occasional big event like this. it's a weekend long festival to promote legalized marijuana and another sign of changing times here. ♪ we already are you and me ♪ >> reporter: of course, the huger that thrives here still fills theaters in other places. ♪ i want to make you laugh ♪ >> reporter: this one off broadway. same old jo
Feb 20, 2013 8:00am EST
thought, how much do we have to wait to be a man, you know? 500 pounds. wilt chamberlain. has he grown enough? he is 7 feet tall. i always had the same mental stable like i have now, and i just could not adjust to -- i did not know who i was until i went and hurt elijah muhammad. "you are somebody." -- when i first heard him. if you keep letting people identify you who you are, you are always point to be a nobody. you have got to stand up. and whenever the man stands for, i stand for. i am a veteran. i am a veteran. i am entitled to veterans -- whatever veterans get. i am saying that hypothetically. but what really drove it home for me is i never understood how the immigrants that have come here to this country and after eight years become full citizens. i have been here, i am saying as a black man, ever since the country exists, almost, and i am still living under civil rights. every 10 years, i've got to get renewed. what is this? i have done everything right, trying to be an american. i am not excepting african- american. i am an american. that, too, works inside myself as being a p
Feb 27, 2013 8:00pm PST
warrior. in 1984 let me double check that. 55 or 54? it is 54. the most from a warrior. wilt chamberlain had 73. tremendous, from steven curry. alex smith, his days as a 49 there are over. kansas city and the 49ers have both agreed on a deal. that would send smith to the kansas city chiefs. by now, everybody has this memorized. jim harbaugh turned into a round. alex smith will get a fresh start in kansas city. looking at the first five years. and won the jim harbaugh took over, all of the numbers jumped up for alex smith. with the salary off the books. names like bery it seems that he is always on happy with off-season. you always wants more money. now, he wants 16 million. we of the baltimore ravens on the radio this morning. he was promoting a movie that is going to go right to deviate de charett and it is did and eight twitter wa 8 twitter of war i was quite proud and surprised that some of the younger people were aware that i was on twitter. and on the radio, you have to to make a way for the younger viewers. ryan vogelson was the final giants performance and angel pagan
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
show. >> i am the wilt chamberlain of overnight anchors. so yes. this is -- yes. welcome to the ex-wives club. for rob nelson. but this is going to be a good marriage. i'm happy. all the others were just, you know, a waste of time. i'm joking. i've been very lucky. but you know what? i know you've had your meetings with management and jumped through all the hoops to get here. but you're not official yet. >> okay. >> you're not official. this is what makes you official. this is what makes you part of the family here. this is your "world news now" hat. >> ooh! >> and more importantly, your "world news now" mug. >> oh! >> you are officially -- >> this is perfect. >> -- an overnight anchor. >> is it clean? >> kind of. i found it in the urinal. there you go. >> it's clean enough for my tea. >> don't be cute. it's all fun here. there you go. so now with that, i toast you. i welcome you aboard. >> thank you. >> here's to a long, good run. and a lot of fun. >> should i wear this throughout the show? >> absolutely. it's the overnight. there you go. that's what i'm talking about. >> done. >>
Feb 26, 2013 11:00am EST
favorite stories was the fact that wilt chamberlain, one of the greatest players in nba history, was globetrotter. people think of it as just show time and showmanship. but you guys played major college basketball. everybody has a career in basketball. it's not just people clowning around on the court. now, ariel, you are one of three women this year. >> yes. >> 11 in the history. >> correct. >> how have you found that experience to be? >> it's extremely amazing. to be a globetrotter first, like we just said, you have to be a basketball player. second, you have to be a great entertainer and third a great person. to know i have all three of those qualities i'm extremely proud to be here. >> now, i know you guys play some serious games when you're not putting on a show. i know you guys play against each other. i know you have some practices. do the guys talk smack to you, ariel? >> i'm treated pretty equally on the team, so i'm out there, you know, playing hard, just as hard as the guys so it's equal opportunity out there. >> let me reverse that. do you talk smack to them? >> sometimes
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
wilt chamberlain. 59 in golf is a number. only five guys have done it in the modern era. shooting a 59. phil mickelson had a chaps yesterday. this is for birdie on his last hole of date to shoot a 59 at the find six -- at the phoenix open in the first hound round andres got to be kidding me. he is great but never like this. the greatest, right off the rim. want you to see the reaction of his caddy. watch him in the top left. it is going in. down to the ground on his knees. still shot a 60. pretty good. >> let's get to it. break down the game scientifically. after he got one minute and i want you to take at least 30 seconds of that to give me a winner and an mvp. >> thank you stop talking, i can get to it. >> what do you have with your red tie and red highlight engineer i have broken down the game into categories. got my notes here. >> food, drink, what else? >> hot rings are red. the wings that i'm going to eat are red. i'll just put that out there. push on the quarterback. defense, 49ers have the advantage. coach, push, because of brothers. i like the baltimore harbaugh better because
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)